About Us

The Past

Connected Media was formed in 2008 as an advertising agency and soon spread it’s wings, moving into other areas within digital marketing, expanding at a steady rate. This expansion was the catalyst for relocation from Kent to Essex in 2011. Specialising primarily in insurance marketing, great relationships were being forged and it wasn’t long until Connected Media was the go-to agency and became synonymous with results.

The Present

After a solid foundation, it was decided that intelligent growth was the order of the day, developing departments with specialists in their chosen fields. Connected Media now boasts sales, design, development and search marketing departments. It’s served by an in-house IT team who as well as keeping the business moving, also write bespoke software which puts us firmly ahead of the competition.

The Future

Continued growth is key to the business, expanding the teams inline with the acquisition of new clients. Several exciting software projects are underway, which are attracting extensive attention and looks very positive for the company ongoing. Monitoring of processes, adoption of new technologies and continued growth of unique relationships with companies such as Google and Bing keep Connected Media innovating and moving forward.

The family

A business is only as good as it’s people, and we are proud of our family! From humble roots the business has steadily grown and is now approaching 20 in the digital team with a further 30 in the call centre. The friendship doesn’t just start and finish at the front doors, many of the teams socialise and take part in sporting activities together as well as a pint or two. Not everyone supports West Ham but it doesn’t hurt to pledge your allegiance to the irons.



Connected Media

Connected Media