Adstats is a revolutionary system developed alongside a dynamic a Pay Per Click marketing team to service a real industry need.

That need was to manage, optimise and maximise the potential effectiveness of search marketing campaigns based on live results. The impact: 50 x more efficient in campaign assessment while improving profit, spend and overall ad campaign results.

Live Auctions Demand Live Reactions and Dynamic Reporting.

Initially created to put our own search marketing way ahead of the competition, it was soon evident what a game changer this application was and it’s true potential.


Before releasing Adstats to a wider audience the system was developed further still and now has its own team of dedicated developers, designers, PPC experts and software professionals on board.

Originally only calling data from Google Adwords campaigns, we felt there were further integration opportunities. Adstats is all grown up now and currently has the capabilities to monitor and control Google, Bing, with further development scheduled to integrate with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising campaigns on a single interface.

Year on year, Adstats increased Connected Media’s Pay Per Click revenue by 90%
Connected Media

Connected Media