Be Smart with Advertising on the Apple Smart Watch

Whether Apple Watch ads and marketing actually work is something which will be worth observing in the coming months. It is the latest media screen launched by Apple with potential for advertisers to display promotional material. However rushing ahead of competitors to have content ready for the release date will not be of any benefit to the marketer. Simply adapting current display ads designed for Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops to meet the wearable’s 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter screen options is an obvious mistake. Not only will the size be an issue, but time also needs careful consideration. People look at their watches continuously throughout the day, for about 0.5 seconds each time. Designers need to bear this in mind when creating suitable niche ads, which are straight to the point, highly contextually important with a gripping focused headline, and instantly actionable. There is no time to waste on an experience which takes the user on a long journey, after all, smartphones and tablets are the mobile devices most commonly used for leisurely browsing!

Proposed advertising ideas have included embedding ads and brand images/logos into the watch’s wallpaper, or using notifications within opened apps.

However a fundamental question that will need answering is, with a starting price from $349 a piece, will there be enough owners of an Apple Watch to justify and value marketer’s costs and time invested in ads for the product? It may take a lot of work from Apple to get watch, technology and fashion enthusiasts to be so interested to purchase the Smartwatch. Keep an eye and an ear out for Apple’s next quarterly announcement when demand for the device is likely to be shared!

Pre-orders become available April 10, get testing!

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Connected Media