Creative’s New Home

Things have moved forward at quite a pace here at Connected Media and as all of the teams have been growing in their own right there has been quite a bit of desk hopping. After consideration and visiting the business plan, Creative now have their new digs over at Unit 1. Some call it the control tower, others call it Creative Towers! A lot of thought went into the layout, which promotes a collaborative environment.

It’s the perfect place for a creative studio with windows running the length of three walls which floods the area with natural light. Being up on the first floor, sitting at your desks you have views of the tree tops and not the car park below. We have taken advantage of this and created a workbench along all three walls which means three things.

  1. Everyone has a window seat.
  2. Collaboration is easy, moving along the bench.
  3. There is a natural flow of the project from left to right, from design to development through to testing and support.

The unit is something everyone is very proud of. From the early stages, all team members were involved with ideas on decor, look and feel. We also put in the hard graft ourselves which made a big difference to how everyone feels about the place.

After a couple of months, we’ve had a positive response from all and more importantly the team and work is flowing nicely. With our new branding being launched throughout the business imminently the grey walls are a great starting point to apply graphics…coming soon!

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Connected Media

Connected Media