Part Lead Sending Technology

Here at Connected Media, we strive to be innovative and take on new technologies to improve the user journey and/or conversion rate.

Following on from our Partial Data Capture post, we have further developed this functionality by making the whole process a lot quicker. Using the same concept as Partial Data Capture; where you collect form answers before the form has been submitted, with Partial, you would have to wait 10 minutes for a Partial Lead to come through.

We have revolutionised this theory. After the visitor has filled in their telephone number they will get a call to complete their quote without them having to submit the rest of the form.

In some cases, we have sent these ‘Part Leads’ into a dialler so that the client doesn’t even have to dial the numbers themselves.

This effectively reduces drop off rate and increases conversions for the client.

If you would like some more information about this technology, get in contact with one of our experienced team members.

Connected Media

Connected Media