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WE implement every facet of your Web Strategy in house, nothing is outsourced, ever. From creating a blog to ecommerce solutions, from html to python...

Your strategy is implemented in house in the UK. Benedict employs a team of content writers, web designers and developers who in turn support the Consultants, who report directly to Mr Sykes. Benedict is a team eight strong who work out of a fun energetic office in Wimbledon, London..

All clients have a single expert point of contact

Direction come from the top. There are no account handlers or middlemen. You deal with Mr Sykes.

Direction come from the top. There are no account handlers or middlemen.As Mr Sykes is familiar with what needs achieving for all Benedict's clients, direction comes from him down to the SEO team who implement the physical SEO work, new web pages, content, back links etc.

We find this system the most efficient for establishing clear reporting channels and ensures clear client communication.

Our designers and developer further assist this processing by translate these directions into concrete web pages and websites. The content writers supply the copy that is both informative and worth reading. The results are reported by the SEO team to Mr Sykes who then makes changes and reports to the client.

Off page campaigns, for example link building campaigns are again directed on a monthly basis, the time spent being dictated by SEO strategic requirements and by budget.


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Message from our Founder

May I take this opportunity to welcome you on board.

You will be in good company. Our clients include businesses which been in existence for over 200 years, large-scale ecommerce websites, and a number of businesses that require specialistSEO Consultant and Google Expert SEO knowledge to compete for highly competitive keywords.

Please feel free to read our SEO case studies. Note that in all case studies, the Google search results can be backed up by testimonials, and even verbal confirmation (with permission) from the client.

Ben Sykes March 2013


"Probably the best SEO Consultant currently in the UK, not only did he over deliver, his ideas and concepts were very different to other SEOs we spoke with." D Harrington CPUK 2012

"One of the U.K.'s top SEO consultants...." DDL (2015)


Advanced SEO

All of the SEO techniques that will be employed by VC during the project have been researched, tried and tested, and comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Unpaid search only

All changes recommended to a site will have no negative impact on the user experience, however we are aware that not all SEO ideas are attractive commercially. Furthermore, there will be no requirement to unravel work carried out.


Proven track record

As we do not control Google, it is not possible to predict the precise effects of SEO, however similar campaigns for other UK Business websites have produced dramatic results, including numerous cases where target keywords have reached a high position in Google from positions outside the top 100.

Benedict are uniquely placed to advise UK businesses on SEO due to the 10 years of experience and the wealth of information owning 3000 websites offers.


Find out more on how Benedict can help your achieve its online growth target, telephone 020 8405 6418 or email Benedict here 


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