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No reporting, no analysis? "clients are left in the dark is the most common complaint we hear"

One of the most common criticisms we hear about a client's last SEO Company was the lack of reporting. When reports were sent they were often no more than a collection of Google Analytic graphs and automated stats.

Whilst at Benedict we have an attitude of let's get it done, and are more than capable of undertaking all of the work required without client input, reporting is a crucial part of what we do. All reporting is upwards, with individual SEOs reporting to Mr Sykes and Mr Sykes reporting to the client.

All clients receive our Universal Reporting:

  • Weekly Google results pages (SERPs - search engine results pages)
  • Monthly reporting on work implemented
  • Updated strategy document
  • Emailed updates on a weekly basis to keep client informed

Google Analytics

Benedict are expert at interpreting analytics data and making sense of changes and optimisation improvements and their effect on overall traffic. VC translate analytic data into improved strategies to weed out what is not working and to improve on what is.

All clients receive weekly Google SERP reports and monthly work sheets, detailing what was done, why it was done and how long it took. Comments on data, usability are also included although the focus is on traffic and conversion. All strategies are then updated or amended.

  • Reporting is always undertaken by Mr B Sykes, who is directly responsible for delivering your project.

Benedict undertake a three tier reporting structure that is constructed to take into account that whilst our clients do want to know what their money is being spent doing, they also have jobs to do and many other issues that demand their time. Whilst the majority of our clients monitor their traffic and number of sales / enquiries few have time to analysis any statistics or to have the time to control any more that the big strategic picture, not the minutia of how to make this a reports, SEO becomes luck


One reason why we find reporting a simple task is we are constantly researching what we are doing and how it effects the overall SEO mix. If were not to report and measure everything we do, how would it be possible to know what worked and what did not?

We report and measure everything we do, how would it be possible to know what worked?


Tier One: Weekly page ranking reports, SERPS, of clients' websites, for core keywords in Google.

Tier Two: Fortnightly email with single page document outlining exactly what we are working on and how this will move in step strategically. What we have been working on and the effect on traffic / revenue, successes and failures. (combines tier one)

Tier Three: A complete list of exactly what we have achieved in a physical sense, content written, new websites built, directories created, links added, new concepts and ideas we have put in place, long tails, geo targeted pages.

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Message from our Founder

May I take this opportunity to welcome you on board.

You will be in good company. Our clients include businesses which been in existence for over 200 years, large-scale ecommerce websites, and a number of businesses that require specialistSEO Consultant and Google Expert SEO knowledge to compete for highly competitive keywords.

Please feel free to read our SEO case studies. Note that in all case studies, the Google search results can be backed up by testimonials, and even verbal confirmation (with permission) from the client.

Ben Sykes March 2013


"Probably the best SEO Consultant currently in the UK, not only did he over deliver, his ideas and concepts were very different to other SEOs we spoke with." D Harrington CPUK 2012

"One of the U.K.'s top SEO consultants...." DDL (2015)


Advanced SEO

All of the SEO techniques that will be employed by VC during the project have been researched, tried and tested, and comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Unpaid search only

All changes recommended to a site will have no negative impact on the user experience, however we are aware that not all SEO ideas are attractive commercially. Furthermore, there will be no requirement to unravel work carried out.


Proven track record

As we do not control Google, it is not possible to predict the precise effects of SEO, however similar campaigns for other UK Business websites have produced dramatic results, including numerous cases where target keywords have reached a high position in Google from positions outside the top 100.

Benedict are uniquely placed to advise UK businesses on SEO due to the 10 years of experience and the wealth of information owning 3000 websites offers.


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