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We believe it’s best to do one thing really, really well.

We have the advantage of being the ONLY specialist organic search company in the UK to achieve outstanding results. We have the digital skills & technological resources to offer clients sustained organic search traffic, increased lead generation / sales and an internet presence that can far outweigh their competitors. Our clients enjoy a very different experience from other SEO Companies, by receiving accurate, transparent reporting and a very personalised service.

14 years of Advanced Backlink Building

Future proof, natural, safe & effective with quality assurance

"Google friendly, strong domain authority with a high trust rate, on theme and future proof are all prerequisites. Our outreach programmes create strong backlinks that power high Google rankings" As recommended by 100s of client testimonials.

Excellent Digital Marketing that does not cost the earth

Updated: Updated: Sept 25, 2022
Benedict© heads up a five strong team of coders, content creators, analysts and on and off page engineers. We work out of a tech centre in Wimbledon London SW19 offering the full remit of SEO services in a consultancy role or a hands on full service capacity, for UK busineeses

We have an extremely high success rate. We are an data driven businesses that thrives on challenge and outputs work of the highest SEO, design and code quality.

We do not undertake PPC campaigns, nor do we overtly advocate social media. We have the confidence, SEO know-how and the skill set for all of your organic marketing requirements.

We have multiple clients who have trusted Benedict© for years. Find out why.

All of our consultants and analysts have gone through rigorous training and actively participate in our research programmes each with their own individual field of expertise.

We 'research search' and pass on the benefits of our findings on to our clients. We are known in the UK industry as the most progressive backlink building service provider.


We can do anything - you are only restricted by your imagination

We can do anything - you are only restricted by your imagination

At Benedict© we encourage our clients to up scale .

We like to think on an industrial scale. It is not necessary to rely on a single website, when it is possible and affordable to create an internet presence that will rival all your competitors large and small.

This could include content strategies, ecommerce sites with additional products, keyword domains, micro sites geared toward gaining traffic from a single key phrase, geo targeted pages (keyword + location), international sites the list is endless.

We are a B2C / B2B search companyAll sites can be create at speed and can incorporate existing designs to save money.

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We offer effective communication with face to face meetings, regular updates and crystal clear reporting from a trustworthy London based team.

packages with payment methods, no hidden charges
offers and deals on all backlink packages


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